Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Multi-Tasking | Ultra Focused | Hyper Sensitive

Gallery Dutchess Abroad - Art, Literature & Guidance by Judith van Praag

A book starts by writing one word. 

Last month, on the 1st of November, one minute past midnight Pacific Standard Time, I typed the first word of what had to become a 50,000 word manuscript by November 30. Thanks to exhausting and exhilarating Word Wars initiated by Lia Keyes between NaNoWriMo Warriors on Facebook, I passed the 50K word count on the 21st.

December 1st finds me adding and editing, filling in the gaps, paying attention to all senses and tenses, past present and future. Today the word count is 63,333, I'm at page 80 of the present total of 309.
Imagine that, one month ago, there was one word, the title Forgiveness.
A good moment if ever to capture the screen that illustrates the title of this post, or rather, what it takes to write a complex story. I'll keep you posted here of the developments concerning this novel, while I continue to share hopeful thoughts on art, culture and transcendence.

Which screen captures best what you are doing, who you are, what you stand for?
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