Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Destiny 1-11-11 or Destiny 1-11-2011

We choose how to read, literally, figuratively, and/or between the lines. Today's date can be read as 1-11-11 Five times one equals FIVE.
If you opt for 1-11-2011 the story changes. The difference between one and the other is TWO since 1 + 11 + 2011 = SEVEN

Likewise opting to add the number values of a given name, a chosen name or a nick name can make all of a difference in a person's life. How? Numerology has the answer. On a day such as today one or millions opt to publish a post, just for the sake of noting numbers. What's up with that? Nutty notions? Sure.

What's destiny but a number of figures added up?

I just had to publish something on this ominous day, 9 minutes before midnight, go!

Did you feel compulsive need about doing a certain thing on 1-11-11?

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