Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homo Universalis = Versatile Blogger

♡I'm tickled pink!
My global community rocks and the members of this worldwide web indisputably add to the quality of my life! Today, on a cold, damp April Sunday, Peter-Paul de Baar in the Netherlands and Kim Koning on the other side of the world in New Zealand managed to warm my heart and soul.

Peter-Paul, editor in chief of my fave Dutch publication Ons Amsterdam, said I am a Homo Universalis as he recommended my new Page on Facebook. I've been called a polymath by the brothers Youtz, so the feeling one gets being called names is not new, it keeps a person humble.

Kim, Word Warrior par excellence and mistress of the Dragon Fly Scrolls (check out and follow her blog!) surprised me with the Versatile Blogger Award. To receive this award at a time when I regularly wonder about the catch-all nature of this here Hope Filled Jars is most rewarding!

It used to be writers had to get their work published in Literary magazines. Seeing your name in print not just a thrill for you, but proof to the publisher that another editor had already deemed your work good enough to pass their scrutiny, meaning you'd passed the first firewall.

These days writers have to have author pages on platforms such as Facebook and GoodReads, they have to tweet and they have to be bloggers. I am and do all of the above. The material I post on Hope Filled Jars is as varied as the interests of a generalist.
To receive a blogging award and accolades for exactly those reasons, is a tremendous thrill! 
In order to receive The Versatile Blogger Award the recipient —that's me— has to agree to share 7 things that the reader —that's you— doesn't know yet.
 That's not that easy considering I've put my whole lifestory on my Website, but here goes:

1. All the toys I played with as a child were antiques.
2. Tights that are to short in the crotch make me have an instant bad temper tantrum.
3. Starting with Kindergarten I've not finished any school, I'm a true autodidact.
4. For a while I was a tasteless chef.
5. I have very sharp ears, but not pointed, deduction, I'm not an elf.
6. Queen Beatrix told me that my sets and costumes for "The Blacks" were most inventive. 
7. My favorite times to sleep: a few hours in the afternoon and a few between midnight and sunrise.

♡Thank you to Kim for surprising me with the award and ♡to P-P for accolades! I'm aglow!

Am passing on the ♥Love♥ to some of the Versatile Bloggers that I follow:

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3. Kathryn Brown - Crystal Jigsaw
4. Elizabeth Munroz - Moon Rose
5. Rose Deniz - Love Rose

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