Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How are you writing — While trying to keep up with your social platforms?

Danger, danger, land sharks! I'm having a moment. That kind of moment where I know there's so much more in life that I enjoy doing than just keeping up with my Social Media platforms.  

Ouch! Some of my best friends live on the Internet, we've never met IRL. I love them. Ouch! There's so much of interest to link to, one can continue clicking on and on, without ever really feeling there's an end to that fascinating network. And there isn't.

I nearly typed S&M for Social Media, thinking of the times I pass through my studio on my way to the loo from my writer's den, seeing tools of the artist's trade —and actual projects that don't get any attention— beckon. Remember us? We used to have such fun!

The Social Media are jealous lovers, they'll let you sniff at something. Yes, you may glance in passing, yes you may temporarily lose yourself, but don't have the nerve to really get involved. Ai-ai-ai. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the interlinked platforms and the endless possibilities of engagements as much as every other creative entrepreneur, designing personal and fan Facebook pages, tweeting and blogging for business, for a cause or just plain to stay in touch.
But, no matter how efficient your process, your marketing plan, there's always the text that needs to be conceived of, written and published. If you're a writer, you spend your time creating content to market something you may never finish because you're so busy promoting your abstractions.

There's got to be a way to check whether what you're doing makes sense, whether you're not spinning your wheels and really losing precious time. Mari Smith has some ideas about that. Check out her post on measuring your Facebook engagement.

I'm going to publish this post and get back to my "Forgiveness" WIP lest it becomes the never ending novel, marketed and promoted but not existing IRL.

Do you experience moments when you've had it with all the Online business? How do you deal? Do you go off line, get out of town, visit a slow dial-up coffee house, or do you use/choose "Freedom!"?

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