Monday, April 25, 2011

Stylish to the Tee

The other day debragirlwithpen asked on Twitter "what do feminist toddlers wear ?" I have to admit, I didn't click on the accompanying link (I might have lost myself in Deborah Siegel's blog The Pink & Blue Diaries, and I'm in ScriptFrenzy mode) but responded off the cuff with: black for both boys and girls. This may or may not account for the fact that I received the classy white on black Stylish Blogger Award. As a matter of fact, the award was issued earlier, but I missed the message since, yes, indeed, I've got my head in characters, scenes, dialogue, action etc.
Last week I was tickled pink for having been called a Homo Universalis and Versatile, or at least I was, in regards to my blog.
Today I'm touched by the magic wand that makes me belong to a crew of bloggers that operates on yet another level.
These days I'm running with a stylish pack.
For someone who sits alone most every day in her writer's den in her homebody's garb, someone who has had to decide whether Skype-ing —and be seen— is really such a good thing, this is big. To dress for work, or not is the question.
Yet, what I want to stress is that style my friends, is in our writing, our presentation of posts, our subjects and approach.
Style is not just about what can be seen ...
Style isn't about color, style isn't black & white, or pink & blue, style is what you make your own with distinction.

So it is with great pleasure that I accept the The Stylish Blogger Award from my Word Warrior friend TG Ayer and with equal pleasure that I pass it on to other writers who approach their place in the blogosphere with a certain flair and distinction. 
♡Look them up, take in what they share and pass it on!

Judy Shintani- Kitsune
Sezin Koehler - Zuzu's Petals
Jocelyn  Eikenburg - Speaking of China
E.Victoria Flynn - Penny Jars

As for black & white garb for babies, Deborah noted that would be very N.Y.

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