Sunday, April 17, 2011

Writers Keep on Writing

New routine after waking up: 
Hold on to those brilliant early morning thoughts, jot them down, make tea, go to writer's den. Open a Word document and start working. Do NoT oPen EmAil oR bRowSe oN tHe iNterneT! 

In reply to my rant the other day, Anastasia Ashman posted a question. My answer: Per definition the road has been more important to me than the destination. And that's exactly why I need to focus on getting my book(s) finished. Been humming this homesick blues on my own long enough. Time to share my discoveries!

Talking about the things we do in life my friend Joost Elffers said a while back: "We build a house of cards ..."
"And then what, we build another, and another?" I asked, the image of a colorful, mind boggling building constructed out of all of Joost's published books and cards on my mind. He laughed out loud. "No," he said, "then we die."

There's a certain urgency that sets in when one turns 50.

Folks who have been putting off what they wanted to do until later, realize there's no time like the present. Those who've been enjoying their path and see no need to take another direction, such as yours truly, figure it's time to tidy up, focus on finishing what's been started a long time ago.

To you regular visitors, expect the illustration I am a Tree to appear again on this blog, but next time with blossoms, and the time after that the fruit should be ripe, ready to pick. 

You can bet your boots(*) on that one!

(*) Love listening to the London Homesick Blues by Gary P.Nunn, follow the link for a fun version with him and Jerry Jeff Walker. What's your fave music to listen to while at work?

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