Monday, May 30, 2011

Choose 5 Fictional Characters for a Dinner Party

Kim Koning aka Girl with a quill asked me to do just that in an interview early May 2011.
 My answer:
1 - Clara Forsythe Allen, Augustus “Gus” McCrae’s old sweetheart in Larry McMurtry’s epic novel Lonesome Dove. Clara lives with her comatose husband Bob and their children on the Platte, near Ogalalla, Nebraska. She’s a great example of the strong American frontier women, pioneers who lived under the toughest circumstances, buried children and stood by their men, while being their own person as well.
2 – Asher Lev, the young Jewish painter in Chaim Potok’s novel My Name is Asher Lev. Asher Lev refuses to let his artistic talent go unexplored and as important even, unrecognized. I appreciate the difficult path he has chosen.
3 – Sarah P. Worth, voice in John Updike’s S. I’ve been in similar situations as Sarah and I think we would have great fun schmoozing together. Also would like to hear what she thinks of Updike taking on the project to tell a woman’s story. If there’s anything she would like to change or add.
4 – Kinsey Millhone, the sleuth in Sue Grafton’s alphabet mystery series. Just love her and want to sit her next to number 5 whom I think she must admire as much as I do. And perhaps she also feels as sorry for him as I, and will amuse him. Not completely sure about the latter, since we’re talking Old World Male and California Wild Card. But you never know and opposites do attract. Just really, really want to make up for all the hardship caused by that big B of wife of his.
5 - George Smiley, the middle aged spy I’ve come to adore reading John Le Carre‘s oeuvre.

Which characters would you choose? 
Care to share in a comment and as a post on your own blog?

Kim Koning introduced me to the Facebook Word Warriors. The dedication of this group's members to NaNoWriMo helped me finish the first draft of my novel Forgiveness last November. Kim set out to interview members of the group and I'm thankful for her attention and inquisitive questions. Kim's most recent publication is the short story A Ring of Fire which you can find in the anthology Tales for Canterbury.

The above interview section was previously published on May 11, 2011 in Dragonfly Scrolls.

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