Sunday, March 18, 2012

Supposedly Deleted Account Live on Facebook

In 2008 I joined the club, invited by an IRL friend. My membership lasted just a few days. I was freaked out by the —in your face timeline— overwhelmed by all that information of friends of friends and their grandmothers and menagerie, and requested for the account to be deleted. 
Weirded Out By Facebook
Self-Portrait '89 oil pastel
Later I signed up again, but I remained invisible for a long time, until I understood how Facebook worked. When I did come to the surface, I chose the picture of my timeless pastel self-portrait for my avatar. Since then I've been happily active. 
I've even branched out, creating several "PAGES".  Self indulgent? That's what I thought when they were still called "Fan Pages", but then some other friends turned me on to the notion that they're Professional Pages.
Judith van Praag - Dutchessabroad, the page for my books, where I share the log line, or synopsis, and show off photo albums of my main characters. A place to show related links and agonize over revision and editing and the likes. Judith van Praag - in haar moerstaal, a page with entries in my mother tongue, Dutch. Judith van Praag - Pro Arts Etcetera, related to my publications in the Seattle newspaper The International Examiner (not to be confused with the Seattle Examiner, one of series of city blogs) and the Asian-American Arts community in Seattle. Not excluding visiting artists, authors and other creatives. And last but not least, there's PNNB - Pacific Northwest Nederlandstalige Boekenclub catering to book worms who like to read and speak in their mother tongue once in a while.
Every once in a while I get messages in my regular mailbox, while my preferences are set to receive none. I did realize those messages were sent to an email address I don't use for Facebook, but I didn't know the (formerly, I thought) attached account was still LIVE! So there's this Judith van Praag without a portrait, a ghost, who's been uncommunicative and anti-social, to say the least. Some friends have been kept hanging! I want to send them to my regular page, the one with the timeless pastel self-portrait, but I can't make a link unless I befriend my ghostly self. Grrrrh! They/You must think I'm SO RUDE!
Please accept my  apologies!
Since the initial shock this morning, I've learned that Facebook doesn't delete accounts, but only deactivate them, thus creating ghost accounts. A revelation!
Has anybody else experienced this?

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