Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Writing Artist's Empathic Emotion

Batman, Super Man, Spider Man, Gracie Hart 
In Miss Congeniality Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart makes wine glasses sing, is her heart in it? She knows she has to wish for World Peace to score points, but rather then that, she would like to teach the audience, and pageant participants to stand up, kick ass, and protect themselves and others.  In the end she finds a way to use her talents, and be herself.

... And what about me, myself, I?

What is my superpower? I asked my husband.
He stopped midway up the stairs and said without missing a beat: Your Intuition.
How can I help people with that?
You can be, ... you are a catalyst, he said.

I'm no superhero, but if I were, what's my Achilles heel?

Pretty much the same as my superpower. My intuition makes me sense and feel other people's pain. I'm not a professional caregiver, I'm a listener, an artist and a writer. A writing artist.
How can I help people with that? 
Sharing words and images.
Giving the world my all.
I may not have superpower, I have talents, and using them is my gift, to myself and to others

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