Friday, October 12, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize for Architects of European Union

Something in me —the Dutchess raised in Post WWII Holland— says: Yes, people at the center of the European Union have been working very hard to unite and organize countries that for centuries were at war with each other; crossing borders, infiltrating, occupying, stealing and murdering.


So yes, leaders and representatives of countries who make this happen are entitled to kudos. On the other hand, that the Nobel Peace Prize would go to an organization of countries is a new and alien thought, some argue that the prize and the attached money should go to an individual, not to a union of countries.

We should however not confuse the history of Europe with all of her autonomic nations, with the history of the United States, which was comprised of colonies, not autonomic countries, with clear national identities. Perhaps the architects of the European Union should have been awarded the Nobel Prize instead of the umbrella the European Union is.

Thoughts anyone?

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