Thursday, November 08, 2012

Add Facebook Fan Pages to Interest Lists Or You Won't See Updates of Your Favorites on Your News Feed

Facebook Friends with Fan Pages are disgruntled. You may have seen this message appear on your News Feed: 
Changed how? You wonder? 
If you "Liked" Fan or Community Pages before, you would see  community posts in your News Feed. But that's no longer the case. Some suggest it's a ploy for Facebook to generate more sponsored ads, i.e. have holders of Fan Pages pay to have specific posts promoted, so they will show up in the margin of your window.
Would that be so bad? Fan and/or Community Pages are nothing more or less than Free Websites.
You can ensure that you continue to see the free updates in your News Feed.
Once you have Pages listed by interest, you can look up everything in one smooth dedicated stream. How cool is that?

 1. You already liked a Fan Page, now go back, click on "Liked" and hold the cursor, the drop down menu will appear. Mark "Show in News Feed". Then Click on "Add to Interest Lists..."

What you see next is the old set-up with boxed items. Your special list heading doesn't show yet? Click on next in the lower right hand corner and then you get a window that lets you create your own list name, see below. I created Music/ Musicians/ Bands. Next click "done" in the lower right hand corner.

In the drop down menu below you can see how I created another list namely Dutch Publications/ Publishers. Believe it or not, the Weekly Worst means Weekly Sausage. That's Double Dutch for you.

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