Sunday, November 18, 2012

SEO Blog Posts are Islands of Content in The Flow

Transformational ecologically minded artist/ thinker/ writer Deborah Barnes asked me to take a look at her latest blog post WaterRIP, The Flow.
Deborah's blogger profile says:
"... former owner of Zootsuit Custom Apparel, now the creative director of fashionRIP an eco-politico fiber, multi-media, collaborative arts series which is a part of the FashonRip Project -a sustainable economic experiment of integrated services and products, a transitions model."
Good job! This blogger has (com)passion a product/ creative output, and I daresay enough content in this one blog post for two.

This is what I remind myself of when writing: Whenever The Flow takes you from the initial post in a different direction, or introduces another project entity, consider rounding off the first. You can suggest to your readers to follow you to the next post.In this case I suggest the blogger cuts the text in half, ending with reference to collaboration. Make sure you add hyperlinks to all important elements. In this case the articles Deborah refers to plus her colleague and friend Beverly Naidus. In the second post, which will be dedicated to Beverly's installation, Deborah can refer to today's post, and hyperlink WaterRIP, The Flow

In order to have readers land on your blog, you'll need to use SEO (search engine optimization) tags. Regarding this particular post, those who happen to be browsing the web for The Flow may be searching for a more contemporary form of DADAIST automatic handwriting or to Nathalie Goldberg, the author of Writing Down the Bones, and yet thanks to Deborah's "labeling" (another word for tagging) they'll land at FashionRIP re-visioned fashion".

Headlines of blogs are as important if not more so than those of newspaper articles. Don't be too creative/ abstract, be more to the point, if you want to hit the target, call an ace an ace. Using good SEO + extra tags will drive more readers to your blog, and they can make a post go viral.

I bet Deborah's blog will get a lot of visible followers when she adds the "Follow" gadget to the sidebar. And while her blog has a share gadget in the same sidebar, adding "share" widgets to the bottom of each post allows readers to share that particular post, not just a blog as a whole.

Deborah ended her post with the hyperlinked names of the articles that triggered her post. I'd like to see those in the opening paragraph. Don't worry about people surfing away from your blog prematurely, they'll return.

And last but not least, make sure you have a link to the place that you want to draw them to in real life, in this case Kerf Gallery. Oops, I couldn't help myself.

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