Thursday, December 27, 2012

In Massage Limbo Exercise is Desk Jockey's Friend

Ever since our favorite massage therapists moved, one out of state, another to the north end of town while we moved to the south side, another all the way to Olympia, we've been in massage limbo. I've tried licensed massage therapists near our present home, but so far I haven't found anyone who comes close to the way Lori, Teddy or Marla made our limps, muscles, mind, i.e. our whole being feel better.

Everybody can use a good massage, but writers and musicians, people who sit in one position while at work, really need to be kneaded some times, not to get into trouble.

Once in a while I take advantage of a Groupon, Living Social or Amazon deals that involve manual therapy, and each time we've been in for a surprise. Be it the location, the massage itself, or the practitioner. We've found ourselves in an undecorated office complex in the industrial part of town, and in a musty basement. A female former carpenter worked miracles on one shoulder only, making me leave lopsided. On the other hand, a gruff male who called me into his studio, while I had expected a woman, helped me breathe and move easier, and reminded me to do exercises that should help my poor writer's fingers, wrists and shoulders.

No massage in the stars? Exercise is good for anybody, especially bodies that sit behind a computer, typing a lot. 

Mr. Gruff asked if I stretched enough. He told me to stand in a doorway, my hands on the jamb, and to lean in, squeezing my shoulders together, thus widening or opening my chest. Sam below shows exercises writers ought to practice every ten minutes. And if that's too often, because you're going with The Flow, do it at least once every hour.

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