Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And the Award for Very Inspiring Blogger Goes To:

Being rewarded for your efforts by people whose opinion you value is big. Being put in the spotlight by a smart, kick-ass young writer such as Sezin Koehler, author of American Monsters, is a triple thrill. I'm serious. I could be a fuddy duddie in the eyes of Zuzu, but I'm not. So...

Thank you Sezin for tweeting this wonderful surprise!

Now it's my turn to pass on The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

The blog Julie Unplugged is hosted by Typepad. I like the tight and lively lay-out. You can see Julie is busy writing, she's got lots of badges in the sidebar that tell you her occupation and that she's passionate about writing. Her blog post speaks for her adventurous spirit, she must be a good improvisor: "YES, And then", could be her motto, shouldn't it be every one's?
And then the post itself, it's not that I didn't know of Imogen Cunningham, or wasn't familiar with her work, I am, but it's Julie Jordan Scott's voice and P.O.V. that adds to what I already knew.

Padmaja Ganeshan Singh is debit to my new guilty pleasure: sneaking a peek at the stories about her family's expat life here in Seattle. Her great narrative voice, grip on dialogue, not to forget the delightful characters who inhabit her stories (her life) got me hooked. I can hear everyone speak as I read her posts and often am laughing out loud. Here's your chance to hitch a ride, follow her for a couple of installments on her Journey into the better part of life. By the way, Padmaja's novella about motherhood is hilarious, can't wait for a publisher to pick it up.

Recently met during a storycraft TwitChat, a brave and honest writer, unafraid to tackle sensitive material, or to share the heartfelt on her blog Chalk The Sun I'm pleased to introduce Julie Christine!

Many cooks have their own garden, be it a plot or some terra cotta pots next to the front door, where they grow herbs, and if there's room whatever else is needed for a good soup. "Potager" is just that, the garden beside the house, where you go for nourishment of mind and body. Terrill Welch paints and writes about her creative plot, the process, her way of seeing, wonderful brushstrokes illustrated by words on her blog Creative Potager

If you liked Julie and Julia, you're going to really love Sasha Martin's Global Table Adventure I learned about her blog a few days ago on Twitter, and tweeted back something about cultivating a palate one dish at the time. I don't just love the idea of cooking foods of different countries and cultures around the world (I've been doing that myself for decades), and how she addressed the issue of picky eaters at home, but also how she laid out the plan for her culinary and cultural adventure on her website/blog, and how she fills it in. Delectable. So, to be honest I am not a bit surprised that Sasha landed a book deal. The folks at National Geographic aren't stupid.
I haven't seen any blogging awards on her site, perhaps she doesn't like to post them, in that case, I'll just keep it right here for her.

Honoree, here are the steps for joining the Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Very Inspiring Blog rolls:
1) Thank and link the blogger who has nominated you.
2) Then post the award logo to your blog.
3) Write a post on the nomination and nominate other very inspiring bloggers.
4) Notify them and then tell seven things about yourself.

Seven things about me you probably don’t already know:
1. You'll be hit over the head with The Mitford Sisters if you don't give me the cookies.
2. I was blond as a toddler.
3. My left foot is so straight I still haven't found the right shoe.
4. Give me scissors and a comb and I'll cut anyone's hair, including my own. 
5. Darn socks, that's what I do for fun.
6. Still can't get my dog to pronounce the words I taught her, my way.
7. Number 3 was a half lie, my right foot is straight as well, but that's not that funny.

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