Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Artists n Writers Home Buyers a Story of Love and Hate

Plant your roots.

The title of the ArtistTrust First Time Home Buying Workshop at Velocity Dance Center on Thursday January 10 would have scared me ten years ago. The reason I didn't attend now, is that we already own our home. We already bit the bullet, figuratively broke ground in the Pacific Northwest, so to speak.  Seeing a picture on the ArtistTrust Facebook Page made me wonder though.

Did anyone mention how much strain being a homeowner puts on the shoulders of artists and writers, struggling or not? Did anyone mention calling the landlord about a problem in your home will be a luxury of the past?

Don't get me wrong, I love our house, but when I think back to that first year, holy cow, the responsibility of the maintenance, the overflowing gutters, replacement of 50+ year-old windows, a unintentional green moss covered roof, not to forget the flooding of the garage and part of the basement the very month we moved in, I want to yell:

Know what you're wishing for!

Learning that, no, you don't have to keep up with everything all the time alone took us a year.
Twelve months and countless hours —previously free for creative thinking, or non-thinking— spent worrying about mortgage, taxes, the yard work (mowing, raking, pruning), yes, always that never ending upkeep.

This could be in one word: Dreadful. 

Six years down the line, eight, if you count the two years in our first home, a condominium with a 9'4" ceiling, a deck with western exposure, a view of Puget Sound, and the tips of the Olympics, but also with the HOA board's power tripping members we were oh, so glad to leave behind, we have got used to the needs of the house, the role of homeowner, the distance from the city, the feeling of not being in the midst of things.

And yet, we love it, our home, our yard, having music, writing and art studios all under one roof, and our woof Mocha, loves her own front and back yard too.

Kudos to ArtistTrust for organizing a workshop around this matter, I wish there had been one eight years ago, when we first embarked on this Real Estate adventure, glad to know ArtistTrust has the notes on this one.

Presenters at Velocity Dance Center on January 10, 2013:

Wendy Ceccherelli, broker for among others Arthaven
Randy Engstrom, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs
Garbo Grossman, homeowners program assistant at Homestead Community Land Trust
Michelle Taul, Directors Mortgage

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