Thursday, June 27, 2013

Babble - Mendocino Red, a Double Pleasure

Taking a break from writing about my earlier California days, I see a wall of "Babble Mendocino", a (for me) new label at  Trader Joe's in the a.m. That seemed less of a coincidence than my friend being served a white Paul Masson from the fluted vessel last night at the Comedy Underground.
Paul Masson? That's the grocery store wine we drank in the mid 1970s!
The winery survived Orson Welles well beyond 1984.
Trader Joe's publicist about Babble: "The English poet Edward Young once quipped, “They only babble who practice not reflection.” Au contraire. They who partake of a fine, high value red wine can reflect thoughtfully, then run at the mouth enthusiastically. (Case in point.)"
The illustration on the label is attractive. Next time I'm on the hill (that's tomorrow 8 a.m.) I'll pick up a bottle (yesterday I was half asleep and for some reason didn't see fit to add one to my cart). This purchase is going to be a double pleasure. Once home, or rather when we decanter the contents, I know I'll be tempted to pull out my coloring tools, the dodo, the owl, and eagle, the crab, and especially the mouse holding the glass of wine are calling out to be "filled in".

Decanting makes me think of that Paul Masson flute shaped bottle I saw last night. Surprised as I was to notice the vineyard to still be in business, I looked Online and found only the White Paul Masson Zinfandel. And that one, as all other Zinfandels, is pink.
Now I'm really curious what my friend drank last night.

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