Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bluetooth Keyboard turns Touch Pad into Word Processor with WWW for Octogenarian

My wonderful friend Jean turned 89 on Sunday. I've learned many things from her since we met in 1985, when I was not yet 30, she thirty years older than I.  We hit it of right away. She's been a textile designer is a photographer, a painter, and a practicing clown. She's an inspiration, with her zest for life, her interest in the Arts, in politics, and trying to create The Winning Recipe for salad dressing.

Her eagerness to always learn something new is quite amazing for a woman her age, but, she never got into using a computer. Which is a pity, for hr loved ones can't share photos with her Online. Last night she told me she finally got herself an iPad, plus a subscription to the One On One assistance at the Apple Store, where she will go with ACCESS or public transportation.

How I wish I was there to help her, to show her some tricks. I can only imagine how mind boggling the possibilities of the touch pad are for someone who has used a computer at the most as a word processor, a keyboard with a monitor.

To have the World Wide Web on your finger tips is one thing, to see what you just discovered disappear by inadvertently touching the pad, could be a major turn off. A reason not to embark on that great adventure.

Finding a present for someone who has everything she could possibly want can be difficult, but do I have the gift for this octogenarian firecracker! A Bluetooth keyboard (with case) will turn her newly acquired tool into something that appears to be much more like her word processor of yore.

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