Sunday, May 04, 2014

Discovery of Nephew on Facebook and GiveForward

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Right off the bat Jordan Howell, my new Facebook friend (and nephew by marriage) sent me the link to Everything is Peachy. Talk about a thorough introduction to someone you've never met before. Initially the aim of Danish Mumtaz and Przemyslaw Budziszewski, fellow students of Jordan's at the RTF department of the University of North Texas at Denton was to make a documentary about students with disabilities. After hearing Jordan's story, they decided to focus on just him; no wonder, there's been enough drama in his life for a feature film.
Jordan fulfilled his need for an extra credit that last semester before his graduation by participating as producer. He supplied the questions and answers that made up the story; the others were responsible for the filming, sound, post-production and editing.

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During our chats on Facebook I learned that Jordan, who was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia at age twelve, wants to spread awareness of FA, and where better to do that than Online? However, he only had a phone with Internet connection.
We figured a laptop would be good, but he needed more hardware, and speech recognition software.
A friend told me about GiveForward, an internet platform that helps people raise funds for friends and loved ones. So I set up a site called the Jordan Howell Wheelchair + Tech Fund.

While I was at it, I asked Jordan what else he needed. A new manual wheelchair, he said.
1500 Crunches a day may account for extreme abs, using the manual wheelchair will help him maintain his arm strength.

GiveForward makes it easy for people to donate money, becoming a team member is easy as well, and just showing support is done by merely hitting a button with a heart on the site, and/ or sharing the link on Facebook.  The more people learn about Jordan's needs and his wish to spread awareness for Friedreich's Ataxia aka #FA the better.

Making a donation on the GiveForward site is safe, and it would be such an affirmative boost for Jordan, and for other sponsors to literally see the amount of money raised!

However:If you're reluctant to make a donation on Online, you can make a donation by writing a check. Send an email to jhowell175 at gmail dot com to receive his snail mail address.

And for future reference, bookmark The Jordan Howell Project blog, and sign up for email notices while you're there. What you see is only the beginning.
There's more to come once Jordan has full access to the Internet with the right equipment.

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