Saturday, November 28, 2015

Changing Your Name May Change Your Life - Mystical Kabbalah and Numerology

My day started off well, not only was I startled awake early enough to hear a garbage truck a block or so away, and roll the containers out just in time (wearing windbraker on top of housecoat), the crunch underfoot of frosted grass and crisp air on my cheeks woke me up all together. The result? I'm seated at my favorite table at Caffe Vita before nine o'clock, before the Saturday morning crowd arrives.

Quickly scanning Facebook notifications to see what's up with friends world wide before opening my work in process (WIP) I see a friend posted the question:
What is your word for 2016?
Hers is CHANGE. 
Change, I think, duh, the one thing you can be sure of in life is that nothing will stay the same. Perhaps everyone gets the same outcome?

Tree of Life - Eli Content 
A sucker for words, and distraction before going to work, I click on the link and am asked to fill in my name. For instance "Tina" the App suggests. Now I wake up for real. I'm not going to fill in Tina, nor just Judith. If were talking Numerology I'm going to enter my full name.Numerology is related to the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical system that calculates the effects of numbers on what happens in the universe, and helps us to understand the meaning of life.

Numerology allows you to be as succinct or specific as you like. While you can't mess with your destiny number —unless you're a crook— after all, your birthday isn't set in concrete until The End, you can adjust your name whichever way you like.

Try filling in your given name (in my case all four first names my parents gave me), and comparing that with the name you use when you introduce yourself to someone. What happens when you leave out your "middle" name as Americans call what we Dutch see as the second first name?
And try your nick name instead of your given name, or add or leave out your spouse's name.
If you don't like the outcome, play around with letters, add an initial, or use just initials.

Playing with numerology is a great way to see if you can influence your life. If that sounds weird, think about it.

What if Madonna had gone into business with her given name Madonna Louise Ciccone? What if Lady Gaga went around as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? 

When you want to make a change in your life, look at your name, is it fit for the adventure you hope to embark on?

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