Thursday, July 28, 2016

Donald Trump's Negativity Depresses | Obama's Speech Empowers | Hillary Clinton's Fortitude Inspires

President Obama's DNC speech was exactly what I, what we needed.
Trump's hateful negativity has had a profound effect on me, his campaign makes me feel sad and disgusted. Hateful negativity has an effect on the way people in general are trashing one another. It's like he's given everyone a pass to attack, and tackle, and stump down on whoever they don't like, for whatever reason. That's depressing.
Yes, Trump's negativity and ugliness, his name calling, seeps into our personal lives, into interaction with strangers and loved ones. There's no escaping the vitriolic messages.

And then, when I think we've reached the pits, OBAMA'S SPEECH. His words are lifesavers.

I know I don't have Hillary's strength to stand up against major bullies, but I'm inspired by her fortitude. That's what we need in a world leader.
Where Trump gets me down, HILLARY GETS ME UP.

I'll listen to the man again, just to hear him say we're not down and out, because, that's just trashing of what's good.
We're good, we can be better, but we're good, and great too.

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