Seattle Central Library

Architectural Tour Guide
For nine years, from the opening in May 2004 through May 2013 I was a volunteer architectural tour guide, and docent at the Seattle Central Public Library. Why? In general libraries are my home away from home. This particular library was designed by the brother of a good old friend in Amsterdam, that in itself provides a special link. Check out my posts on Rem Koolhaas and his Office of Modern Architecture at OMA Fan in Seattle.

The 1st year I gave public tours twice a week, the 2nd year once a week, and after the 3rd year twice per month. And that's not counting all the requested private tours.
In January of 2011 public tours were cancelled all together in favor of a telephone tour, the number of which you will find posted inside the library (not an APP).

One thing in particular that I like about the Central Library? 
The steep and narrow escalator leading from level 5 to level 10 always reminds me of the ship ladder stairs leading to my walk-up apartment in the centre of old Amsterdam.